Go Swag

Do you do international shipping?

Yes we do! We can ship your swag to any location worldwide. Rates vary depending on size and weight. One of our account managers can help you find the best method to get your packs across the world!

Can you store and ship the swag we order?

Yes! We offer storage and fulfilment options. Our warehouse is located in the United Kingdom, and we ship internationally. You let us know how many packs you need from our warehouse, we will ship them out the same day!

Is there a minimum amount we need to order?

We are only able to create orders of 50 packs or more. Less than minimum orders are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

How long will it take to create my order?

We estimate new orders will be ready to ship within 4 weeks. Unfortunately, at the moment, we cannot guarantee turnaround times due to COVID-19 and the stress being placed on the supply chains.

What do you need from me if I order?

One of our account managers will handle all of the ordering for you, and we will design your perfect pack and assemble them in-house. Once your packs are ready to be sent out, we the same account manager will work with you to manage your inventory.